Was Victor Frankenstein a brilliant and ambitious young student?

Patrick Sandford’s adaptation of  Mary Shelly’s original story, Frankenstein.   Queen Mother Theatre from Monday 25th February.

Jon Brown has directed this adaptation of the story of Victor Frankenstein, a brilliant and ambitious young student, discovers the secret of creating life from the remains of the dead. But elation at his triumph is replaced by horror when he sees his monstrous creation. Abandoned by the one who made him, Frankenstein’s Creature is left to a world that fears and rejects him, and soon his innocence turns to misery – and a murderous desire for revenge… One of the greatest horror stories of all time, and one that still grips readers today. Visually stunning and not to be missed!

Malcolm Singer has been to see this production. Read his thoughts by clicking on “Theatre Reviews” at the top of this page.

Frankenstein at Queen Mother Theatre on 25th Feb – 2nd March

Box Office: 01462 455166 or online: www.queenmothertheatre.org.uk


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