Out of the Shadow at the Oxford Playhouse

 Out of the Shadow (Oxford Playhouse on 8th & 9th October) is a thrilling mix of breaking, popping and locking, acrobatics and ballet. It tells a cautionary tale, from the creation of the Universe and the evolution of man through to an apocalyptic future.

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The ten-strong dance crew create otherworldly scenes by morphing their bodies into structures, creatures and machines in this exhilarating show, underscored by an epic soundtrack inspired by hip hop, classical and contemporary music.

Nobulus Out of the Shadow

Nobulus’ first UK tour is presented by the Dance Touring Partnership (DTP). This partnership is a network of theatres working together to bring exciting and engaging dance to audiences around the UK. The network, which includes Oxford Playhouse, aims to build audiences for dance, increase the range and diversity of work available and encourage new attenders into dance.

Out of the Shadow at Oxford Playhouse on the 8th & 9th October

Box Office: 01865 305305 or online: www.oxfordplayhouse.com

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