One for the kids and one definitely not!

Shivered by the award winning writer Philip Ridley is being presented by the Swan Theatre Company at The Place in Bedford on the 9th, 10th & 11th July.

A young couple are moving into their new home……A soldier is being held hostage…….Two boys are searching for monsters.

All these things are connected by both family and time . . . but what story can be told when both family and time are broken?

Visceral yet tender, intimate yet expansive and feverishly imaginative,  Shivered by Philip Ridley is a state-of-the-nation play like no other.

This show is not suitable for children.

Box Office: 01234 354321 (9.30 – 3pm Mon – Fri) or online:

Then on the 18th July at the same venue a show for ages 3+ that’s a little bit rock and roll…..

Goblin Theatre - Mr Tiger Goes Wild

Goblin Theatre bring you Mr Tiger Goes Wild, adapted from the bestselling picture book by Peter Brown.

Mr. Tiger lived a perfectly proper life in a perfectly proper city and everything was perfectly fine . . . until the day he had a wonderfully WILD idea! Join Mr Tiger on a musical adventure full of fun and laughter as he journeys from the city to the jungle.

Mr Tiger Goes Wild is a story about being yourself and features original live music, hilarious characters and lots of imagination that will have children ages 3+ enthralled from start to finish.

Ages 3+

Mr Tiger Goes Wild is at The Place in Bedford, Saturday 18th July at 12 & 3.00pm

Box Office: 01234 354321 (9.30 – 3pm Mon – Fri) or online:

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