Matthew Bourne’s Sleeping Beauty has a full house on its feet!

Malcolm Singer has written his review of Matthew Bourne’s Sleeping Beauty (click on Theatre Reviews), but I was there at the opening night at the MIlton Keynes Theatre last night, and all I can say is Matthew Bourne has done it again!

His latest is yet another perfect ballet, beautifully directed, with stunning costumes and sets. This is a new concept of the classic story, it is a beautiful, if fairly dark, story of a romance between a princess and the Royal gamekeeper. Matthew’s choreography is, as you might expect, modern and kept the packed house gripped from the first few bars of music, and that packed house was on its feet cheering and applauding for more curtain calls than I managed to count at the end.

There is puppetry involved, but I shan’t say anymore about it because it is the most wonderful surprise – such skill!

If you don’t really think you’d enjoy ballet, or you consider it to be a bit too pink and girlie, go and see this and you’ll be hooked forever!

It’s virtually sold out for the whole week, but if you know anyone that has managed to get a ticket, all I can advise is that you bribe them with five times the face value, it’ll be worth it!

Please see Malcolm Singer’s review of the show, he’s the expert. I’m just a member of the public, but I loved every second!

Matthew Bourne’s Sleeping Beauty at the Milton Keynes Theatre runs until 2nd February

Box Office: 0844 871 7652 or online:


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