Deep Sea Volcano Adventure at Milton Keynes Theatre

When there’s trouble under the sea, there’s only one team to call. Who’s going to dive into action? The Octonauts!

 Captain Barnacles & Luke Lennox as Cadet

Get ready to embark on an exciting new mission with the entire crew of quirky and courageous underwater super heroes, led by Captain Barnacles, Lieutenant Kwazii and medic Peso, in a brand new full-length stage adventure for pre-school children, Octonauts and the Deep Sea Volcano Show.

 In their fleet of aquatic vehicles the Octonauts explore incredible new underwater worlds as they set about rescuing amazing sea creatures and saving the day before returning safely back to base in the octopod.

Richard Lewis, who brought Peppa Pig and Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom, to Milton Keynes last year, has adapted and directs this new production in collaboration with top-selling children’s theatre producers, Fiery Light, the team behind Peppa Pig’s Big Splash. He says: “Octonauts is all about adventure and exploration. From the colourful characters and fantastic underwater setting to the amazing octopod where the Octonauts live, there’s great scope for a really unique, interactive theatre experience. We can’t wait to take fans on an adventure like never before.”

 Luke Lennox as Cadet, Dashi, Peso, Captain Barnacles, Tweak & Kwazii

Based on the popular CBeebies’ TV show, Octonauts, this action-packed production features massive projection screens, 3D animation, full size characters and loads of songs (from BAFTA-award winning composer, Mani Svarvasson). Not only that but all the Octonauts will be appearing live on stage for the very first time.

Sound the Octo-alert… Octonauts to your stations! Launch yourselves into some action-packed underwater fun for all the family!

Octonauts and the Deep Sea Volcano Adventure is at Milton Keynes Theatre on 7th & 8th March.

Box Office: 0844 871 7652 or online:

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