Bradley Walsh slays ’em at Milton Keynes!

Peter Pan flies into Milton Keynes – here’s what Judi Herman – and two discerning young critics – make of this year’s spectacular Christmas Show

Peter Pan at Milton Keynes Theatre - Christmas 2014

It’s big, brash and often beautiful – check out the ravishing bright co-ordinating colours of the set and costumes!  In the case of  Francesca Mills’ delicious Tinker Bell small is beautiful. She and David Bedella’s dark and handsome Hook with his tossing ringlets and mellifluous voice are my personal favourites. But then there’s those breakdancing pirates (Flawless by name and by performance!) and their dance in the dark lit only by tiny bulbs they wear to outline their bodies … The family audience loves every minute of it – especially Bradley Walsh’s in yer face Smee! But that’s quite enough from me – over to two of the critics that really matter – Miles and Thea, eleven and nine years old, who flew in from Bedford! Hear what they made of the show right here!

Peter Pan continues at Milton Keynes Theatre to 11 January

Box Office: 0844 870 0887 or online:

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