Another chance to see Barry From Watford

If you missed Barry from Watford last week at The Watford Palace Theatre you really missed a treat! Our octogenarian lifestyle guru was on top form, streets ahead of the other acts on the bill, some of which seemed to be being “given a chance”. A bit of a mistake this, because the mood of the audience was up and down like a yo-yo! But Barry was worth the wait and it was most certainly his evening!

Barry from Watford

You have another chance to witness this masterclass of characterisation from actor Alex Lowe because he is trying out his set for the Edinburgh Fringe on Saturday at the “Hen & Chickens” at Highbury Corner at 2.30. You’ll get an hour of pure genius – fortunately, there’s no sign of Barry from Watford being pensioned off anytime soon!

You can follow Barry from Watford on Twitter: @barryfromwat

2 thoughts on “Another chance to see Barry From Watford

    • I’m pleased you liked the group and of course John Thompson is a seasoned pro! I felt that his “PC Bernard Manning” went on too long and the young band really didn’t fit that particular line-up – one or two fine musicians in there though. It’s absolutely right that we should all have different opinions, I just felt the overall ;ine up were mis matched. Barry, as ever, was great.

      Always goo to hear from you, if we agree or not!

      regards, Ernie.

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