Abigail’s Party at Sharnbrook Mill Theatre

THE SOCIAL GET-TOGETHER FROM HELL – Mike Leigh’s masterpiece ABIGAIL’S PARTY is at the Sharnbrook Mill Theatre, Mill Road, Sharnbrook, Beds from 16th to  21st March.

Abigails Party

This comedy classic comes to the Sharnbrook Mill Theatre Trust for the very first time. Devised by Mike Leigh and set in the 1970’s, Donna Summer is playing on the stereo, dishes of cheese and pineapple are on the coffee table. Beverly and estate agent husband Laurence have invited round new neighbours Tony and Angela and nervous divorcee Sue, twitchy about the party her 15 year old daughter, Abigail, is throwing.


As Beverly plies the guests with alcohol, cigarettes, and nibbles this horribly compelling evening descends into drunkenness, tensions in the hosts’ barely functional marriage emerge and their prejudices and petty competitiveness are hilariously, exposed.


Abigail’s Party is at Sharnbrook Mill Theatre from 16th – 21st March

Box Office: online at www.sharnbrookmilletheatre.co.uk  or by phone from  the Central Box Office, 01234 718 112 or in person from Sharnbrook Post Office. (Early booking is advisable)

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