Palmerston on Black Cat Radio live!

Palmerston, who have successfully evaded being stuck in a genre, (They say they always take a shovel) will be performing live on Black Cat Radio on Thursday 11th August between 7-9pm.



“An effin orchestra” claimed one innocent bystander. “I only nipped out for a quick one, next thing I know, I’ve bought all their albums!”

Keyboard & ConcertinaFiddle & Squeezebox, Harmonica & Guitar, Bass & Banjo, Mandolin & Percussion. Five-Part Harmonies.

The band are widely travelled (Milton Keynes, Slapton etc.) and were recently supporting Albert Lee who said afterwards:

“The gentlemen of Palmerston guarantee you an exciting evening of music which involves styles past and good times galore. But the music is fresh, invigorating, all theirs and a must see-and-hear.”

Palmerston’s line-up is as follows:

Original songs written by Alan Rondeau mainly because he has his own pen. Alan also plays mandolin, guitar and sings.

Martin Hartup who apparently wears check shirts so he can find them, Plays Guitar (with a slice of bread in the sound hole) & Sings

Dave Norman who has a heart of gold and wishes he could remember where he put it, plays Bass & Sings

Andy Powell plays Banjo (when no-one is listening!), Harmonica, random Concertina & Sings

Peter Ball plays Keyboard, Fiddle,  Accordion & Sings (as far as we can tell!)

If you’d like to hear Palmerston on Black Cat Radio this Thursday between 7 – 9pm, probably the easiest way is to download the TuneIn Radio App and search for Black Cat Radio:

Black Cat Radio  Note: Black Cat Radio is the community radio station for St Neots and the surrounding area. Very soon they will be on 107fm., until then catch them online.

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