St Albans’ actor stars in “This House” at The National

If you enjoy the political shenanigans of TV hit The Thick of It, you’ll love the National Theatre’s latest sell-out hit This House.
The action in James Graham’s play takes us behind the scenes at the House of Commons in 1974, another era where the UK faced economic crisis and no party had a clear majority. There’s a hung parliament and Labour is hanging on – just – thanks to the party whips who bully and cajole every possible member into the voting lobby.

 Judi Herman’s been talking to St Alban’s based actor Vincent Franklin, who plays eventual chief Labour whip Michael Cox. Since he played PR guru Stewart Pearson in The Thick of It as well as blunt manager Nick Jowitt in Olympic satire Twenty Twelve, Vincent really is a shoe-in for Michael Cox!

Please click here for Judi’s interview with Vincent Franklin: VincentFranklin_This House_Ernie2013

You might spot Vincent Franklin at St Alban’s market then ! Or catch him in the National Theatre’s smash hit This House. It’s at the Olivier Theatre until 16 May when the last performance will be screened live in cinemas all over the world – and all over the Home Counties  – as part of ntlive. To find your nearest cinema go to

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