The Masters of Showbiz!

This is the page where we remember some of the acts and actors that never seem to date. If you have any suggestions for items for this page, we’re happy to research them for you, please contact the TheatreBlog with stars of the past you’d like to see again – the more unusual the better!


when Randolf Sutton retired, Danny took this song on as his own…..


My Raleigh Roadster had nothing on this golden bicycle!


Harry Champion singing the original version of “Any Old Iron” recorded in 1911


I think this chap deserves to be included with the Masters of Showbiz – what do you think?


The Patton Brothers are very much still with us, but I think this routine from their younger days is well worth preserving!


Just a  few years ago we were in Cinderella together at The Alban Arena. Not only were they brilliant Ugly Sisters, but two of the nicest, most down to earth blokes you could ever meet! Long may they continue!


I recently saw comedian Kev Orkian’s one-man show. He was very funny and I’m sure he has enough material of his own to think about dropping the Victor Borge routines (there were two of them on the night I watched). Doing a tribute is fine, but to perform another star’s act without giving credit seems as though you hope people will believe its yours. If you want proof, click on this link:

Victor Borge Opera Singer

or this one: Victor Borge Happy Birthday

1. This master of her craft is thankfully still very much with us!

I think this version of Great Day that Barbara Streisand sang in the film Funny Lady has been re-mixed or even re-recorded. If you know more, please let me know.

2. Britain has always had talent!

This clip relates to Oliver Double’s excellent book about variety theatre, Britain Had Talent: A History of Variety Theatre (Palgrave, 2011). Check it out on Amazon!

(I once met a grandmother at a party in London who told me that in her younger days, she was one of the Bettys with Wilson & Kepple! They employed several over the years.)


3. The Jovers

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If you love entertainment, but miss the old variety acts, try this for size! Fe is now about 84 and has written a book about her life in one of the most famous circus families.

4. How Many Annies?

If you are one of the very many people who like the musical Annie, you might like to see this, almost every stage production of the show and the leading ladies.

There’ll Never Be Another….


2 thoughts on “The Masters of Showbiz!

  1. My favourite is number 1, as I’ve always enjoyed Music Hall type entertainment. Most of these were around when I was growing up.

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